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Proactive digital risk protection for your entire organization, powered by AI. Hush makes it easy to protect yourself, your family, and your business from online threats and bad actors.

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Social engineering is responsible for 98% of attacks on an organization. Is your organization protected?

The smaller your employee's attack surface is, the less opportunity a bad actor has to mount an attack. Your organization's privacy is not secured until your employee’s privacy is secured.

50x per year your CEO is targeted by a phishing attack

70% of your employees are concerned about being hacked

1 in 6 of your female employees will be victims of online stalking

1200+ data brokers are selling your employees data

Hush is privacy protection.

Hush doesn't just find your personal information, our A.I. takes action for you.

Find Your Personal Info Everywhere on the Internet

Identify Vulnerabilities in Your Digital Footprint

Remove Your Private Information from the Internet

Easily remove what you don't want on the Internet.

Hush removes data from nearly 1,000 sources.

High Value Assets

Education Information

Family Images

Legal Information

Home Information

Current Address

Past Address

Wealth Information

Political Affiliations

Impersonator Accounts

Health Information

Frequent Locations

Phone Number

Email Address

Social Media Information

Family Member Names


Your team represents your business.

Talk to one of our Privacy Experts. Learn how Hush improves your employees digital wellbeing.


Remove what the Internet knows about you.

Hush is not yet open to the public. Please join our waitlist to be the first to know when it’s ready for personal use.


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With Hush, people know their information is protected.

"Love this! So excited to have my information removed from unwanted sites. Makes me feel safer, in the digital age."

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Fortune 500 Tech Company

"...easy to use, knowledgeable and gives a feeling of security."

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"...the ease of setup and use is fantastic..."

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International Consulting Service

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