Let Hush do the heavy lifting

Prevent identity theft, stalking, online harassment, social engineering and more before it becomes a problem by keeping your employees private information private.

State-of-the-art protection

Our patent-pending artificial intelligence maps, identifies, and removes vulnerabilities in your footprint before they create issues for your organization.

A complete view of your Digital Footprint

Our AI engine scans the entire Internet to uncover every piece of data that makes up your digital footprint. Good or bad in one single place.

Spot vulnerabilities before they harm you and your family

Our AI engine is always looking and always learning. It uncovers vulnerabilities that a basic human search can’t find, understands how that information can be used against you, and knows how to remove it.

Easily remove what you don't want on the Internet.

Our AI engine can neutralize risks with the push of a button, removing data that poses a risk to your privacy. For privacy issues that can’t be autonomously resolved, Hush Personal Privacy Advocates are at your service to investigate and remediate on your behalf.

I’m actually so amazed at the results that I’ve been showing off to everyone that knows me. If they Google my name now, it’s pretty difficult to find any information out about me. Before, I know that if you simply Googled my name, my home addresses, phone numbers, political affiliation, and full names of several family members were all showing up in the top results. I understand there’s some information that will always be available in some way because of public record laws. Nonetheless, the idea here is to make people interested in that public information for legitimate reasons have to go through the hard work of obtaining it. I prefer this instead of malicious actors having access to all my personal information that they could leverage for mischievous purposes at the touch of a few keystrokes. Hush has been wonderful for that purpose.

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Education Information

Family Images

Legal Information

Home Information

Current Address

Past Address

Wealth Information

Political Affiliations

Impersonator Accounts

Health Information

Frequent Locations

Phone Number

Email Address

Social Media Information

Family Member Names


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