We provide the most comprehensive digital privacy protection out there, so you can keep what you love most safe from the threats of life online.

Your dedicated digital defender.

Step 1

A simple sign up process allows you to easily add family members.

Step 2

View your household's entire digital footprint.

Step 3

Start catching hidden privacy risks.

Step 4

Have Hush resolve them automatically or manually.

Step 5

Always feel secure that Hush has your back.

We don't take a minute off.

Human-first service with a dedicated Privacy Advocate

Our dedicated Privacy Advocates are always looking out for you. They will alert you to high-risk items that you may have missed, answer your questions and provide support.

Monitoring and alerting, powered by revolutionary AI

Our AI engine is always looking and always learning. It can uncover items a basic human search won't find and knows how that information can be used against you.

Once we find it, we help you fix it

Our combination of technology and team go to work on your behalf. Simply tell us what you want to keep and what you want gone.

I’ve looked [for a solution] and nothing actually solved the problem. This does.

- Hush User

We believe that the digital world should create possibilities for you and the people you love, not put them in danger.

So we built a revolutionary Al-driven way to take the responsibility and anxiety off of your plate and allow you to rest easy.

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